Swop extends the fashion life cycle for both physical and digital fashion and shows you how much carbon emission you save 

Gen Z buy twice as much clothes as we did 15 years ago. Each item is worn in average only 7 times

Source: Greenpeace

Fashion industry was accountable for 10% of all global carbon emissions in 2020

- and 50% of global carbons emissions in 2030, if we don’t change behavior.

Source: worldbank.org

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Stage I

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Stage I

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Stage I

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Swop team insights

Lars Richter, CEO & Founder

Lisa Bagge, Business Development Manager & Founder

Maria Andreasdóttir, Community Manager

Mads Dannenberg & Mathias Wahl, Partnership Managers

Swop core team

Lars Richter

Branding and marketing.
Serial entrepreneur, founder Rebels, TEDx speaker, previously LEGO and TV 2 Danmark

Lisa Bagge

Business development and sales.
Circular economy enthusiast with +20 years in sales, marketing and retail franchise

Maris Pagasts

Lead Designer.
Freelance digital designer, previously Cabana Copenhagen

Maria Andreasdóttir

Community Manager.
Influencer, journalist and copywriter

Lau Bjørn Jensen

+15 years experience with software development and e-commerce with clients like Schneider, Nokia and CERN

Mads Dannenberg & Mathias Wahl

Partnership Managers.
Co-creaters of Swop app through Masterclass and responsible for partnerships with schools


Building a community of conscious fashionistas

Expanding within high school networks​

Impact: Users and reduction carbon emissions

Advisory board

Roberto Tagliabue

Former Nike (Nike ID/Nike Plus), Jawbone, now digital business developer for Gucci, YSL and other fashion brands.

Leila Maria Kehl

Former Apple, Google and Plug & Play, now N26

Marcel Allweins

Former KPMG, P2P platform expert, CEO MSP Strategy, inventor The Platform Canvas


Seed stage


Running time

12 months

Min. investment




Investment in 3 main areas:

Product development

Getting customers


Business plan & finances

Get in touch

Lars Richter

+45 3025 8763