We are on a mission to change the way we use fashion. Web3 is "creators economy" and we're providing the platform for digital fashion designers to sell their NFTs.

Gen Z buy twice as much clothes as we did 15 years ago. Each item is worn in average only 7 times

Source: Greenpeace

For up and coming digital fashion designers, SWOP is a platform where they can sell and resell their AR filters and artwork as NFTs to Gen Z fashionistas, who can wear it digitally and resell it on same platform, simple and seamlessly


Creator uploads digital fashion designs to platform


We turn it
into AR filters and NFTs


User on our platform buys NFT and wears the digital fashion

Swop team insights

Lars Richter, CEO & Founder

Lisa Bagge, Business Development Manager & Founder

Maris Pagasts, Lead Designer & Founder

Lau Bjørn Jensen, CTO

Swop at Presidents Summit

Lars Richter, CEO & Founder

Swop core team

Lars Richter

Branding and marketing.
Serial entrepreneur, founder Rebels, TEDx speaker, previously LEGO and TV 2 Danmark

Lisa Bagge

Business development and sales.
Circular economy enthusiast with +20 years in sales, marketing and retail franchise

Maris Pagasts

Lead Designer.
Freelance digital designer, previously Cabana Copenhagen

Maria Andreasdóttir

Community Manager.
Influencer, journalist and copywriter

Lau Bjørn Jensen

+15 years experience with software development and e-commerce with clients like Schneider, Nokia and CERN

Mads Dannenberg & Mathias Wahl

Partnership Managers.
Co-founders of Swop app through Masterclass and responsible for partnerships with schools


Building a community of conscious fashionistas

Expanding within high school networks​

Our raison d'être

Advisory board

Roberto Tagliabue

Former Nike (Nike ID/Nike Plus), Jawbone, now digital business developer for Gucci, YSL and other fashion brands

Leila Maria Kehl

Former Apple, Google and Plug & Play, now N26

Marcel Allweins

Former KPMG, P2P platform expert, CEO MSP Strategy, inventor The Platform Canvas

Taylor Ryan

Growth-hacker, entrepreneur and 6 x start-up founder. Has run the digital marketing department of some of Denmarks fastest growing startups


Seed stage


Running time

12 months

Min. investment




Investment in 3 main areas:

Product development

Getting customers


Get in touch

Lars Richter

+45 3025 8763