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SWOP is a social platform where digital fashion designers can sell their AR filters as NFTs. Users can wear it digitally as screen wear and resell it on same platform, simple and seamlessly.
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If you design digital fashion (or is curious to get started) you will be able to earn money on our platform from Day One. Fasttrack your way into fashion today.

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Who do you want to be today? In digital fashion, there are no limits. Stay curious - play with our screen wear and share with friends. Try for free below or sign up here for early access.

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Cool or quirky? Up to you - try our AR filters for FREE and save as video or image on your phone. What do you feel like today?

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Test your designs with real users and get instant feedback. You can also discover all the uprising talents and do collabs with them. Users can preorder items to create exclusive, limited editions that will be made to order.

Fashion industry was accountable for 10% af all global carbon emissions in 2020 and studies show 1/10 of fast fashion is only worn once to showcase on SoMe. Let’s change behavior and switch some of the consumption to digital fashion and fight climate change.​
digital fashion vs fast fashion

we save 97% carbon emissions per item.

digital fashion vs fast fashion

we save 3,300 liter water per item.

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We’re a social impact tech company, who empowers communities to look fabulous and reduce carbon footprint at the same time.​

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